In the crazy world of energy shots and drink choices, there is virtually nothing on the market today that provides consumers with a more economical solution to meet their daily ready-to-drink energy shot needs. And we’d like to provide some relief for precisely that.

New PEP300 Energy Pouch Pack

PEP300 is a great tasting liquid energy booster available in a lightweight, portable, low-cost pouch, designed to help boost retailers energy shot category by reaching moderate and heavy users of functional energy beverages who are seeking alternatives to the high cost of their daily energy drink consumption habits.

More giddy up and bang for your energy buck

  • 1200mg energy blend with 230mg caffeine.
  • Only 3.5g natural sugar.
  • Low calories-only 15 calories per pouch.
  • Variety of flavors including: Mango, Mixed Berry, Lychee with more flavors on the way!
  • A super convenient eco-friendly pouch.

PEP300 is researched & developed in USA

A product of
GBS Global Brand Services LLC & Starkwelt Nutrition Pvt. Ltd.